ph_priv, Gozo, Malta, 20th July 2013

From one island to another. In memory of our fallen stars 22/7 2011, in Oslo and Utøya. My heart and thoughts are with you today.

One day, life must go on, and our daily routins need to continue. And it’ll be better this time. It will. We didn’t loose anyone in vain, just see how much love they brought together when they fell in the hope for a better world. Just see how Norway rose from the ashes of a bomb and became a nation the whole World admires. Because of them. May they rest in peace.

Let’s not let the monster destroy our future aswell, even though he stole the lives from those who were supposed to be in it with us. He’s done his. Now we’re gonna live – more than ever before, and make sure that nothing of what he wanted to achieve are achieved. Democracy, multi cuturism and unity shall remain. We’ll grab the relay baton they so unfairly had to throw the 22nd of July and we’ll keep on running. Without him. 

txt from the article I wrote a few days after the terror attack in 2011. 

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