Thank you so much for sharing your destinations yesterday! So inspiring! I noticed that many of you wanted me to go to Australia, Russia, Italy, the US…. Me to! Russia’s on the top of my list – because that country is taking up TOO much space on my scratch-map, haha. Well, at least I’m going to Italy this year! And maaaybe another country, in the Middle East. Hopefully, I really really want to….

Oh, my list of places I wanna go keeps getting longer. I just can’t wait to just GO, explore, and  fully live the place! I’m so not done with the world. These are some of my future destinations, places I neeeeeed to go before I say thank you and goodbye:

Kautokeino, Norway – I wanna visit the Sami people to learn about their culture, traditions, their everything. The Sami people is the indigenous people of Norway, and the Northern Scandinavia. They’ve been here for like 11 000 years! I love their costumes. And I would love to meet them! You can read more about the culture here, that’s where I got my facts right. We learn about the Sami people in School, but apperantly I forgot…. Oh, and they have their own language – we have News read all over Norway in Sami, before the Norwegian version begins. (ph_Laila Duran, source)

Cinque Terre, Italy – Also called «5 Terre», which means «5 countries». Cinque Terre is the name of an area in Italy where you’ll find five small fishing villages. In the picture above you see Manarola. It looks so amazing! (ph_source)

North Cape, Norway – Because I’ve been at Cape the Good Hope in South Africa, I really need to go up North aswell, haha. This is the Aurora/Northern Light and Milkyway. It’s pure magic, it really is. (ph_Tor Even Mathisen, source. See his facebook page here)

You’ll find my previous post with future destinations here.

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