Temporary Story from Vadim Sahakian on Vimeo.

«Hi Marie!  My friend recently sent me a link to your blog – I really enjoyed reading it!
I wanted to share this documentary that my friend and I made, adventure traveling the world for 6 months, over 3 continents in 13 countries (driving from Alaska to LA, exploring Africa on foot, and motorcycling through South America) (…)»

I recieved an e-mail the other day, from one of the creators of this Documentary. I’m glad, ’cause I love their video…. It made me wanna throw my hands up and just get back out there again. I can’t even tell you how much I miss traveling around, with no clue, with absolutely nothing but an open mind ready to conquer hearts, as my old friend on Guam said. Have a lot of thoughts, perspectives, inspiration and the feeling of living my life to the fullest, getting it enriched by all these amazing people and places that is out there. It is out there, just waiting for us! Go! Our world is a book, you know. And if you don’t travel – you’re only reading the first Chapter. Wich chapter are you on?

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