ph_priv, Guam December 2012

I had never heard about Guam before I suddenly had it under my feet. It turned out to be one of the destinations on my journey with the best memories, and the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. I miss Juan and Priscilla, I miss his stories, her food, their big hearts and having them close enough to just pop in whenever I felt like. Juan, I want you to know that my next tattoo is inspired by our meeting 🙂 That’s how much it meant to me, and that’s something I’ll never forget.

Guam as a destination is a small, quiet island in the Pacific Ocean, you can finish all of it in five hours by car. A big part of the North is an American Air Force Base, Anderson, and Tamuning, the most popular tourist-spot on the island, is full of Japanese tourists. I think we can say that Guam is the Japanese answer to Norwegians Gran Canaria in Spain 🙂 That’s where they go to find the sun and have a nice vacation. The weather is hothothot, the water is clear and blue and it really is a nice place to go if you want to chill. You need a car to get around, and the shopping mall is duty free. Other than that? You NEED a Juan and Priscilla to get the best experience of Guam… For me Guam would be boring and quite random without them telling be the story behind and showing me the hidden pearls on the island. But the most beautiful pearls of ’em all are themselves. 

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