I want you to stay

Shit, I had the emptiest Saturday night ever last night. I just stayed in the 6 beds dorm all alone, coughing, reading, trying to breath with my heavy chest, listening to ‘Stay’. I usually love beeing alone, but yesterday was a little too much. Or too little. Nothing to do, nothing to eat, nothing to smile about. I guess now that Norway is so short in a distance, beeing alone hurts more than it does good to me. Time alone means time to think about home, and it makes me CRAZY, ’cause I’m so close but still so far. Well, today I’m moving out of the dorm and into another hostel here in Bonito. Hopefully that place will have more people, if not I’m afraid I’ll develop my own people in my head…

Tomorrow morning I’m going to Pantanal, one of the world’s largest tropical wetland areas. 62% of it is located here in Brazil, 20% in Bolivia and 18% in Paraguay. I was suppose to stay there for four days, but the tour agency told me to skip the last day ’cause that only included horse riding. And because of all the rain, the horses will struggle with their cloves on the wet land. So I don’t mind leaving one day earlier to save them from that. I’m not sure if there’s wifi on the hostels out in the jungle, so I’ve prewritten some posts for you with a timer again. Stay safe, and keep commenting! One of you’ve already got a postcard coming for you, but I still have one more I want to send to one of my followers before I go home. See you later!

Ps. I have no plans for what I’ll do after the Pantanal tour, so please feel free to give me some suggestions! Is there any place/city near Sao Paulo I should go?

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