the world doesn’t need photoshop to be beautiful

ph_priv, Gruta do Lago Azul, Bonito

The Norwegian word for ‘cave’ is so ugly that it would ruin the whole beauty of this post, therefore I’ll write this one in English only.

Today Isobel and I went to the caves, Gruta do Lago Azul, a 40 minutes drive from the hostel.

Oh by the way, I didn’t tell you about the hostel yesterday, did I? I hadn’t booked anything before I came here, my plan was to just follow Isobel to wherever she was staying and hope for the best. When I checked her hostel online before we left Argentina on Tuesday, it said ‘only 3 beds left!!!’. I was like «oohh dear, I hope my karma will fix this one for me!». And then we got here yesterday, and I asked if they had a free bed for me and… Isobel and I got a whole fucking dorm for ourselves! We have two bathsrooms and six beds, just the two of us, haha. So I guess all the ‘ONLY!! :O :O :O’-crap online was just fake marketing to make the place seem popular, and to make you book it asap. But no one seem to have done that at all, ’cause this hostel was totally dead when we arrived. And the atmosphere in the reception is the funniest, it’s just like a scene in Harry Potter. The staff is really nice and helpful, but oh so strange in the same time! I like it, though. Strange is beautiful.

Speaking of beauty – the caves! Oh my god! I left the pics totally untouched this time, just to show you how breathtaking beautiful our world can be in the most hidden places. There are tons of caves here in Bonito, but only three of them are open to tourists. That made my heart smile, I hate when places like this get ruined by tourism. Just look at the colour of the water, it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. And after 6 months with travelling the world – I’ve seen alot…

After the caves, we went back to Bonito to have lunch. We rented two bikes and found the way to Balneário Municipal – such a nice place where the locals go to relax, have some food and just enjoy. It was a river with fresh water, tons of fat fish because all of the visitors are feeding them haha, and… Wait for it…. As soon as we got there, there was a thunderstorm! AGAIN! I can’t believe it, it’s just… Well, after lunch the sun took its throne back, and we had a couple of hours with sunbathing before the place closed. And then we rode our bikes back home, painted by the colours of the sunset.

Life isn’t that bad, you know.

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  1. Hørtes ut som en kjempefin dag! Vakre bilder! Du og den flaksen din ja…

  2. Herlighet så nydelige bilder! Fantastisk hva naturen har klart helt selv(:

  3. Wow, det ser ut som fra et eventyr! Utrolig spesielt! 🙂

  4. Anne-Line

    En vakker dag skal jeg dykke i caves, og fullstendig enig i at det norske ordet ødelegger! Fullstendig fantastiske bilder <3

  5. Er ikke grotte et ganske fint ord egentlig? Høres ganske fantastisk ut uansett:)

  6. Wow, det så helt fantastisk ut! Er veldig få ganger man har sjansen til å se noe slikt, og når man først gjør det, slår det sikkert pusten ut av deg. Kos deg videre! Blir spennende å se mer:)

  7. Looks magical!

  8. KArma, altså. Din karma er crazy. Og så FINE disse er!!

  9. Er det grotte eller hule du ikkje likar? Grotte er då kult!
    Du er like flink med det engelske språket som det norske, herleg lesning og herlege bilete!

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