Have you always wanted to see so much of Brazil, or is it just coincidences that keeps you going?
Actually – my mind has never even been close to Brazil before I actually got here. I wanted to travel the world, just haphazardly, with no spesific country in mind. It was pure coincidences that made my stay in Brazil last for so long – ’cause when I had to move my travel from 1th of March to 19th of September, my travel agency suddenly gave me only 4 months instead of the 6 I paid for. I told them, and they put 2 more months to my last destination, because that was the easiest thing to do. If they extended something in the middle of my journey, like more weeks in China or India or wherever, they would have to do an extensive operation and move alot of flights, therefore – Brazil it was! And I’m glad, ’cause this country is sooo big and so rich on culture, food and places to see. Brazil has totally got me!

I’ve been travelling down, down, down, down, as you can see. It’s time to take a turnaround. Fu*k south, I’m going to Iguazu. How’s your weekend?

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