the mainland

ph_priv, south of Florianópolis, Brazil

Had a good time exploring the mainland South of Floripa the island today. So peaceful, so colourful and oh so beautiful! Brazil is full of ’em places. That makes my heart go blue when I think about leaving it all behind soon… But then again, my homesick soul can barely deal with another month, so I don’t think I have the guts to put the two of them up against eachother. Heart vs soul. That’s a certain receipt for disaster, no matter what outcome it brings. I think I’ll just stick to my plan – enjoy my last month plus plus as a backpacker, and then go home to catch my breath. Then both my heart AND my soul can charge and get ready for my next adventure instead. ‘Cause I know this won’t be my last!

Well, now I have to charge, it’s almost midnight over here…. Good night, superpeople! ILU!

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