the present

ph_priv, 1. Barreirinhas, 2. Jericoacoara, 3. Village in the middle of nowhere/Barreirinhas, 4. Barreirinhas, 5. Capoeira at the beach in Jericoacoara, 6. The rivers in Barreirinhas

I’m counting my time in places I’ve been, not in months, days or hours. For example, today I called my mum, haven’t talked to her since Trinidad. (That means in the early January.) And when I suddenly try to count in months instead of places, I get dizzy. I have to sit down. I can’t believe it’s only four weeks since I left Suriname, I feel like I’ve been in Brasil forever! Time is weird, especially when you travel. I feel like my past is gone, and my future is even harder to tell. The book I referred you the other day, ‘Aleph’, pointed something about that out for me: PRESENT is the only time we have. PAST and FUTURE is just something we have in our minds. And when you put it that way – it’s true! And let ME make a point out of THAT: stay true to your present. Own it, use it, never let it go. ‘Cause that’s the only time we have. We never know about the future, if it comes – or not. We know about our past, but that’s just time that has already passed. Time we should have used for the fullest, time we might have wasted. Present is what it is – a present worth gold. And I’ll wrap my head, heart and soul around it to make it count, and later become a memorable past.

Tell me about your present, what are you up to right now?
My present is Brasilian, and that’s like… midnight. So my ‘right now’ might me boring, but valuable: full of Zzz.

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