cheap lines, baby. not workin’.

«I’m gonna call you princess!»
(Not answering)

«Thank you for the roti!»
«No problem, Princess.»
«It’s MARIE…..»
«Ok, you want me to call you that?»
«???? That’s my name…»

«I saw you walking in front of me, I was like «Wow, what a beauty! That sexy beauty looks lost, I have to help her out. You know?»»

«I like your eyes. I know what they say. I know what you’re looking for… I know excactly what you’re looking for, I can see it.»
(Yes, I’m looking for a way out of this painful situation….)
«Mmmm, okey, and what’s that?
«Love. You’re looking for someone to love, someone that loves you for you. I can see it in your eyes.»
«Already got one. Sry.

«I was praying for a nice girl to come along. And then he sent me you! God’s working in a strange way sometimes, right?»
«I arrived with an airplane, and I walked here myself…. But thanks.» 

And with this totally awkward neverending conversation I had to experience the other they in town – I’m out! I don’t know if my next host’s got WiFi, but you can follow me on facebook here, on twitter here and on instagram as @supermarie – suddenly I’m on again!


ph_priv instagram @supermarie, Trinidad

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