«The sand on Boracay is so white that we’ll not even be able to see you», he said. And laughed out loud.
«Aah, ok………..» I didn’t even catch the insult, haha!
«Heeey, wait, I’m not THAT white!» 

Pale or not, we’re off to Iloilo and Boracay! Paradise! I’ll write you when I get online again, no idea when that will be. I’ll be running around my host as a puppy while he’s photoshooting another wedding over there, get as sunkissed as I can on the beach afterwards, and then I’ll be staying in Boracay all by myself until my next flight goes from Manila out of the Philippines next week. I fall a little harder for this country everyday, I really wish I had more time here…. Ok, later, paradise is waiting! xx

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