Amber Fort, Jaipur

We fed the fishes in the water outside Amber Fort, it brings you luck! 

ph_priv (c)

After we went to the Monkey Temple in Jaipur 6th of November, as I showed you yesterday, we took tuktuks to Amber Fort. It was a great fort to see, the Indian architecture is just amazing! And there’s loooaaads of histories to dive into, if you have the interest. I kind of have, but I’m finding it really difficult to keep up with the guides when they’re trying to tell me about it…. I’m just too busy taking pics, looking around, and the places are always so effin’ full of tourists and other guides that I can’t even hear myself think! Ahh! All that, and, of course – add the funny sound of Indian-English. Yes…. So, I’m gonna do my own studies instead, when I find the time 🙂 The painted elephants look cool, though!

What are your favourite building in the whole, wide world? It could be your home, your school, your dog’s house, whatever. I wanna know! 

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