the monkey temple

Don’t be confused now – I’m still in China! But… Since I’ve done so much lately, and not been able to tell you about it, I’ll show you some photos to at least give you a feeling of what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks. While I’m enjoying my new adventure through a whole new country!

This is from the Monkey Temple in Jaipur, India, 6th November. Feels like a year ago already! Holy cow (hehe), I loved that place. So special, so peaceful and so fantastic surreal….. I mean, watch this:

ph_priv (c)

In the holy temple, after feeding the monkeys, we tied threads around a piece of wood and made a wish. My wish was the same as it always is <3 Maybe India can contribute a greater force to actually make it happen this time! Let’s hope. We also got blessed with an orange mark on our foreheads, so my life BETTER be damn good after all this, haha. AND, as I told you before, it brings you luck to feed a monkey. I fed like… three. ‘Cause all good things come in threes! Or in trees. Monkey, you know. All good monkeys – in trees. Wordplay. Well….

More to come later! I’ve prewritten some posts for you, so you don’t keep coming into an empty blog while I’m busy with the chinese culture. More to come – see you later!

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