F Bar

ph_priv. I’m no. 3 from the left. The rest of the people are… Well, let’s just call them awesome!

Hello! Just stopping by to leave you a picture from last night! We went to F Bar, Mumbai for dinner and drinks – had such a good time! And the Indian food… Oh my GOD! It’s a chapter for itself. No, wait, not just a chapter – it’s a whole BOOK. I love it! Can’t wait to get home to introduce my friends and family to the magic of indian spices, which the cooking-class taught me. Just wait for it!

These are some of the people I’ve been travelling through India with, by the way. I really gonna miss having them around! Well, actually, I don’t get rid of the boys quite yet – we’re gonna travel through my next destination together aswell. Gonna be awesome!

Now we’re going to the airport with high-tec tuktuks (aka cabs), our flight to Goa is just a couple of hours away. Tonight is my very last night in India, already! I’m leaving the program a day before everyone else, maybe that’s for the better – cause then I’ll miss out on all the tearful farewells. My heart can’t take anymore of that!

Later, superpeople! 

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