just another Monday in Jaipur

Hey! Photodiary from this afternoon, we were just walking around in the streets of Jaipur, looking and learning about the magical Indian culture. I made myself a little friend aswell, a 10 year old Indian boy who spoke SUCH good English! I thought he was just beeing cute, asking questions about me and telling me about himself, he even gave me his businesscard (wich 10 year old has his own b.card btw?!), but after almost an hour it turned out to be just another strategy to get money out of another blonde tourist…. Didn’t work. I guess I’m too heartless. No, I’m not heartless. I just use my heart less.

Oh, and I almost got married away out there! This lady grabbed my arm, looked at me and yelled something in Indian to her son. She was apparently asking him about what he thought of me, he answered that I was beautiful, and then his father tried to buy me for some spices or whatever. What a flirt.

Guys holding hands is a common observation in the streets of India. Here, it doesn’t mean anything else than real friendship. That is so wonderful!

The pink city, preparing for a festival.

xoxo Indian traffic.

pt_priv (c) Jaipur, India

Oh, this has been a(nother) great day, and I’m SO looking forward to see what the pink city will bring us tomorrow aswell! I know we are going to this monkey temple, an Indian market and then we’re gonna watch a Bollywood-movie at the local cinema in the evening. Just for the experience, not really for the movie, haha. I’ve heard that it’s normal to chat, beeing on the mobile, scream and run around during the film down here, that’s gonna be a total contrast to the «shut up, I’ll kill you»-cinema-culture of Norway, for sure!

Good night, superpeople! See you tomorrow!

Til mine norske lesere: Google translate it. Jeg er for trøtt til å konsentrere meg på norsk i kveld….

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