the hearts I have touched, will be the proof that I leave

My first couchsurfing-host ever left me this beautiful reference, I can’t really describe how glad that made me feel <3 I just want to wrap my arms around every word, and hug them ’till I pass out on the floor. Oh, just look at them:

She is a traveler – not a tourist; and shows a sincere interest in the world around her. She is adventurous and independent, has a great sense of humour and an inspiring, positive outlook on life. It’s not surprising that so many Norwegians (and now a few South Africans) are following her around the world via her blog.

I enjoyed our trips around Cape Town, our chats about life and all the drinks we had together.

Marie, I hope to see you, and some fjords, in Norway one day 🙂

Thank you so much, Don, from the bottom of my heart! Some of my readers has already asked me if I could give them your CS-name, so if you want to feel some Norwegian superpowers again sometime – just let me know! Atm I’m on my way to Stellenbousch with my new host, hopefully he’s cool too. I don’t really know yet, ’cause this post is prewritten and posted with a timer. See you when I’m online again!

Sincerely mustaches,

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